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Smart parking for a boost in the office market

Digital parking and electric charging with Parkl in the new Futureal office building

Futureal's new office building

The first phase of the Corvin Innovation Campus office complex has been built in the heart of Budapest, as an extension of Corvin Sétány. The modern, sustainable, and human-oriented office building offers more than 16 000 sqm of office space for tenants. Designed to BREEAM Excellent and WELL Platinum certification standards, the building was built with health standards in mind, as well as the positive impact on employee well-being.

The comfort and expectations of the tenants was one of the most important aspects for Futureal, as they wanted to meet the needs of the "big" tenants, industry giants such as one of the world's leading IT companies, which has established its new Hungarian headquarters here. For this exact reason, the implementation of smart parking was a key aspect for the company, so the collaboration on the project dates back to September 2020. Futureal worked with Parkl from the early stages of implementation to ensure that tenants' needs were fully met.

Futureal has recognised the potential for smart parking: working with Parkl was also a strategic move to make their office building stand out from the rest of the market. For large companies, the need for smooth office parking is essential, and Parkl was an obvious choice for implementation.

The Corvin Innovation Campus carpark has a total of 257 parking spaces available - which, without the implementation of Parkl Office, could have proved to be a challenge for the thousands of employees working there. This turned the pre-booking system into a key necessity for Futureal. Thanks to the introduction of the smart solution, the office building's employees can pre-book their parking spaces for a fixed period of time via the mobile app, allowing them to optimize the usage of available spaces.

At the same time, Futureal wanted to manage and oversee the dedicated parking spaces in a single system, so that all employees have access to the automatic license plate recognition system, meaning that they don't even need to take out their phones when they arrive at the building. Many of the tenant company's employees drive motorcycles, so special attention was also paid during the implementation to ensure that parking on two wheels was just as smooth a process.

As the number of electric vehicles continues to grow, the installation of electric chargers has become a necessity for Futureal. The installation of chargers is driven not only by the greening of corporate fleets across the world, but also by the employees' own car purchases. This is illustrated perfectly by the example of the tenant company at Futureal’s building, where more and more employees are switching to electric cars. In view of this, the installation of chargers is essential, regardless of the eventual greening of any tenant’s own fleet.

For this reason, managing charging and parking in one system has also become a key aspect for the real estate developer. Parkl was able to alleviate the pressure of this by not only installing the charging points, but also taking care of their technical and IT management. As a result, there are a total of 27 charging points on site currently, with a mixture of wall-mounted and pole-mounted units.

"Parkl managed the installation and operation of the chargers from start to finish, handling the entire implementation process end-to-end. The progress of the project was greatly aided by Parkl's flexibility in managing the needs that arose."

With Parkl's solution, parking and electric charging at the Corvin Innovation Campus is now easier than ever and can be managed all in a single system. We hope that future tenants of the office building will also be satisfied with the features of Parkl Office.

We would like to thank Futureal for supporting the growth and spread of smart parking systems in Hungary by introducing and actively using our Parkl Office service. However, Parkl's cooperation with the real estate developer has just begun: the next phase of the Corvinus Innovation Campus will be completed soon, where employees will also be able to enjoy the benefits of the latest office parking technology.

If you think your company or office building could benefit from an intelligent parking and electric charging system, please contact us at or visit our website. There's space for everyone!




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