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Parkl and Lead Ventures step up the pace in digital mobility with a significant investment

Lead Ventures supports the scaling of Parkl Digital Technologies' digital mobility services with a capital investment of 4 million euros. Achieving corporate sustainability goals along with changing work patterns are all driving demand for smart mobility solutions in the real estate sector. As experts in corporate mobility, Parkl's smart parking and electric charging system supports efficient property management and makes life easier for office building operators, tenants and employees.  Lead Ventures' investment plays a key role in driving momentum for Parkl's services across Europe.

Electric car charging with Parkl application
Photo: Parkl Digital Technologies

Parkl Digital Technologies has received a significant investment from venture capital firm Lead Ventures. The capital investment is aimed at funding Parkl's growth strategy, which will enable the Hungarian tech scale-up to become the leading digital service provider in the office market abroad. 

Operating in more than 40 office buildings with a total of over 10,000 parking spaces, as well as managing more than 700 charging points nationwide, Parkl aims to become a specialist in corporate mobility not only in the domestic market but throughout the entire Central and Eastern European region. 

Parkl's comprehensive business service primarily provides digital parking services and electric vehicle charging infrastructure management to office building operators and tenants, from deployment to operation. Introducing the smart system supports efficient property management, increases tenant satisfaction, and contributes to achieving corporate ESG goals. In addition to its business solutions, Parkl's mobile application offers indoor and street parking as well as electromobility services to urban motorists. In addition to its business solutions, Parkl also offers on-street and off-street parking and electromobility services for urban drivers in its mobile app. 

"Lead Ventures is an ideal investor for us as they play a significant role in both domestic and regional markets. With their experience and the synergies from their portfolio, they can give Parkl an extra boost to scale our service even more dynamically, both domestically and abroad," said Zsolt Somogyi, Parkl's founding CEO. 

Optimizing utilization is a common challenge in today's office market, which is also a key guarantee of sustainability. However, this not only has an impact at the workstations, but also greatly influences the operation of office parking lots. Improving the utilisation of parking spaces contributes to tenant and ultimately employee satisfaction, but achieving this requires smart solutions. 

There is also significant pressure on property operators to meet one of the most effective means of achieving ESG targets, the increasing electrification of company fleets. Companies typically account for around 70% of new car purchases, of which nearly one in six are electric nowadays. The accelerating pace of corporate fleet electrification is creating new challenges for property managers, who need to offer a reliable solution to the growing demand for grid and e-mobility. According to Parkl's partner survey earlier this year, more than half of office building operators plan to expand their charging points this year, while three quarters of companies already engaged in electrification are planning to expand their electric car fleet in 2024.  

Charging station operated by Parkl
Photo: Parkl Digital Technologies

Parkl believes that over time, every parking space will also be a charging point, a trend supported by corporate electrification trends. Charging should therefore be managed together with parking, in a single system, with due attention to end-user needs. Office mobility should be seen as a service that successfully increases the value proposition of the property and tenant satisfaction.

"Both proptech and electromobility will be dynamically growing industries in the coming decades, which is why we see great potential in them. Since we are committed to sustainable solutions, Parkl's mobility services fit perfectly into Lead Ventures' portfolio strategy," said Kristóf Balázs Haszonics, Managing Partner of Lead Ventures. 

Parkl Office's smart parking and charging services offer a comprehensive solution to all mobility challenges! From charging station and parking hardware installation to operation, our service solves your property and employee mobility challenges, taking the burden of uncertainty and hidden costs off your shoulders. If you are interested in our solutions in more detail, write to us at or visit our website.




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