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Smart parking for maximum employee satisfaction

How does Parkl Office ease the life for every visitor of the office?

Take a look through the case study of NN.

Logo of NN


NN Hungary was founded in 1991 as a greenfield investment under the name Nationale-Nederlanden. With more than 1,300 contracted partners, it has played a major role on the the Hungarian life insurance market ever since. The company’s headquarter is currently located in the Váci Greens office building, where 430 employees work on quality insurance and financial products.


NN Insurance currently rents 120 parking spaces in the Váci Greens office building. Previously, the parking spaces were assigned to dedicated persons according to their position. However, several employees spend most of their working hours at external sites and meetings, and the parking spaces dedicated to them were empty. In addition, the employees have often experienced some inconvenience as the license plate recognition system in the parking lot has not proved to be reliable.

Picture of NN premises at the Váci Greens office building


The priority for NN Insurance was to implement an automated, reliable parking system that would ease the life for everyone: the operations team, colleagues and visitors arriving at the parking lot.

The new license plate recognition camera installed by Parkl has worked perfectly since its launch. At first the barrier opened slowly, but as soon as we reported this to the Parkl team, they were immediately helpful and today it works smoothly and quickly." - said Sándor Földes, Fleet Management Officer at NN Insurance.

Increasing the utilization of the car park was also an important goal of the project, as parking spaces in office buildings are under multi-year contracts, which result in high monthly costs for the companies. Taking into consideration the specific needs of the NN, Parkl Office's pre-booking system was implemented on two-thirds of the previously dedicated parking spaces, thus providing a personalised parking solution. As customer satisfaction and customer experience are priorities when it comes to NN’s services, they aim to deliver this quality to their customers from the moment they arrive at their offices. Before Parkl was implemented, they had no practical solution to provide parking for their guests, so although the launch of this feature was neither a priority nor a problem to be solved, it has become one of the most popular Parkl Office features used by the company.


„The numerous functions of Parkl Office, such as parking space booking, guest parking and management of passes have now increased the utilization of the parking spaces from around 40% to 82%. We have also received a lot of positive feedback from colleagues and customers who have visited us about how much we have improved their parking experience." - said Sándor.

According to Sándor, these results are based not only on a reliable parking system, but also on the transparent administrative interface, which allows reservations and guest parking to be easily modified by the authorised person.

„The platform itself is user-friendly, but the patience and helpfulness of the Parkl team made it even easier to learn how to use the Parkl admin." – concluded Sándor.

If you think that there is a need for everyone to have a parking space at your company or office building, write to or visit our website.




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