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How did Henkel Hungary switch to Parkl's comprehensive service?

A single app helps them with their everyday mobility now

About the company

Henkel Hungary has been on the market since 1987, with its brands in three business areas: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care, Laundry & Home Care. The growth of the company's workforce and its commitment to sustainability have justified the relocation of its former headquarters. They chose the Millennium Gardens Office Building, constructed by the real estate development company called TriGranit, which fulfilled their requirements due to its prominent location and modern design.

Millenium Gardens office building
Millennium Gardens Office Building. Source:

The problem

The team of Henkel Hungary includes not only colleagues working at the head office, but also a significant number of sales representatives who visit external sites in addition to the office building. This means that, if the headquarters offered dedicated parking spaces for everyone, they would be empty in many cases.

The fact that after covid, Henkel also switched to hybrid working like many other companies, was also against dedicated parking spaces. As a result, the number of employees who used to spend all their working hours in the office has decreased, and the days they spend at the office vary.

The company's commitment to environmental awareness has now led to a demand for electric vehicle charging opportunities for colleagues, encouraging them to use electric cars.

The solution

The owner and developer of the new office building, TriGranit, is committed to innovative technologies supporting sustainability and wanted to provide modern access to electric charging and smart parking for the building's occupants. At this time Parkl joined the project and presented the service to Henkel.

„We were immediately impressed by Parkl’s service as we hit two birds with one stone: we can manage our parking spaces in the office building with a modern system and we can operate our own EV charging points for the exclusive use of our colleagues. The icing on the cake is that, thanks to Parkl's fleet service, our colleagues working on external sites can easily park on-, and off-street with the same company account." - said Tamás Nagy, Fleet Manager of Henkel Hungary.
Electric chargers in the Millennium Gardens office building.
Electric chargers in the Millennium Gardens office building.

The result

Colleagues at Henkel now have a single app to solve different parking situations:

  • When arriving at the head office, they can reserve a parking space in advance, and they can automatically enter the car park without a ticket.

  • If they arrive with an electric car, they can charge it at the Parkl chargers in the car park.

  • If they need to park on-street, they can use Parkl to start their parking with two clicks on their company account without having to register a company card in their app.

  • If they are in a hurry and can't find a parking space, they can easily park with their mobile phone in more than 75 Parkl-partner car parks, also on a company account.

  • In addition to these, Parkl Office offers functions that are used on a daily basis such as guest parking and pool car entry and exit.

„The administration interface is absolutely transparent and easy to use. From overviews to sending out new invitations, everything runs smoothly. The same is true for the app interface, we have received very positive feedback from our colleagues since the go live of the new system." - said Tamás.

Thank you, Henkel Hungary, for your trust and partnership!

If you think that your company or office building requires more parking space, please contact us at or visit our website.




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