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How to make your office building greener and boost your ESG score?

Most businesses today are aware of the importance of environmental responsibility when it comes to conducting business in a sustainable fashion. But did you know that your office building itself plays a major role in assessing your carbon footprint and your ESG performance?

Achieving your ESG goals with PARKL

According to the World Economic Forum, buildings account for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 50% of the world’s energy consumption and 40% of raw materials. While already existing buildings will require largescale retrofitting and development to meet net-zero carbon goals, we also need a higher sustainability bar for new buildings.

Building a greener future

Fortunately, there are many opportunities to “green” your office building and reduce its environmental impact, while also improving its energy efficiency, comfort and productivity. Here are some of the best practices and solutions that property managers can implement:

Using renewable energy sources: Installing solar panels, wind turbines or geothermal systems to generate clean electricity for your building is one of the best investments you could make when it comes to future-proofing your business. Improving insulation and using natural lighting wherever you can is also an efficient way to help you lower your emissions and save on energy bills.

Implement smart technologies: Beyond using sensors, automation and data analytics to monitor and control your building’s energy use, you can introduce digital platforms to optimize your space utilization, occupancy and mobility.

Promote green behavior: You can encourage your employees and visitors to adopt sustainable practices, such as using public transport, cycling or walking to work. Transforming your corporate fleet to electric vehicles and installing EV chargers on company premises has also proven to be an effective way of lessening your long term emissions. According to the International Energy Agency, electric cars can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% to 70% compared to gasoline cars, depending on the electricity source. For example, if the electricity comes from renewable sources, such as solar or wind, the emissions reduction can be up to 90%!

Showing you care: the significance of ESG scores

By greening your office building, you will not only reduce your environmental impact, but also increase your company’s ESG score. ESG is a measure of how well a company performs on environmental, social and governance issues, such as climate change, human rights, diversity and ethics. ESG is increasingly used by investors, customers and regulators to assess the sustainability and social responsibility of a company. According to a recent study by McKinsey & Company, companies with high ESG ratings tend to have higher profitability, lower risk and higher valuation than their peers.

The three pillars of ESG


Embracing sustainable practices in office buildings is not only an ethical obligation but also a strategic advantage. By reducing carbon footprint, increasing the ESG index, and improving energy efficiency, organizations can lead the way towards a greener future. Partnering with e-mobility and smart-parking solution providers allows for seamless integration of sustainable technologies, unlocking endless opportunities for a brighter tomorrow.

Are you looking for a solution to boost your ESG score as a property manager or business owner, while making the every day life of your tenants or employees easier through smart parking solutions? Check out Parkl’s Business Solutions by clicking here, or contact us by!





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