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How to park twice as many cars in an office building as the available of parking spaces?

Results of the Parkl Office implementation at CIB Bank

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CIB Bank is a commercial bank that has been operating for 40 years in Hungary and has more than 420,000 customers, including both businesses and individuals. The company has always been passionate about innovative, digital solutions, and they have made it a priority to use them in their own offices.


CIB Bank's head office is currently located in two office buildings, in Petrezselyem Street and in Medve Street. In the future, the two will be moved together in one office building, so the parking in the Petrezselyem Street office building needed to be modified.

head office of CIB Bank
The head office of CIB Bank in Petrezselyem Street. Source:

Previously, a total of 400 parking spaces were available for staff at the two locations. This number has been reduced by half due to the relocation, so there will be significantly less parking spaces for employees arriving by car. This has been a challenge from property management perspective, since in the previous system everyone had a dedicated parking space. The operation needed to be transformed into a modernised and user-friendly mode.

„At our company, parking is a key employee benefit, so it was a cardinal issue for us to find a solution for this after the merger."- Ferenc Simity, Internal Service Manager, CIB Bank.


It quickly became clear to CIB that the solution was to maximise the use of parking spaces. Once their exact needs had been identified, the market was carefully analysed to see which service provider is the best to fulfil them. That's when they came across the video in which András Horváth presents the Parkl Office service, and their needs were clarified. Since CIB Bank is familiar with mobile app services, this was the basis of their idea: a mobile app which allows colleagues to book a parking space. In addition, an administration platform was essential, not only to manage permissions and track parking, but also to easily generate reports on the use of the parking space.

„Besides the fact that Parkl's solution was the closest to our vision, we also chose them because we could immediately feel their flexibility from the first meetings compared to other service providers." - said Ferenc Simity, Internal Service Manager


The Parkl app was introduced at the Petrezselyem Street headquarters at the end of October 2021, so colleagues now can book their parking spaces every week in advance, and even make a daytime reservation if they unexpectedly must go to the office or forgot to reserve a parking space. This means that CIB Bank can continue to guarantee parking spaces for employees, even though the number of parking spaces has been reduced by half due to the move.

In addition, Parkl Office's guest parking function allows them to provide parking for external partners coming to the office building for meetings. A digital display, called Parkl Screen, at the entrance of the parking lot, will further help both employees and guests to find their way around the building.

"The launch of Parkl Office has had a completely positive impact on parking in our office building. The Parkl team responded very quickly to questions and requests during the test period, which made the system setup and test period seamless." - Ferenc Simity, Internal Service Manager

We thank the operators of CIB Bank head office for supporting the development and expansion of smart parking by introducing and using our Parkl Office service.

If you think that your company or office building requires more parking space, please contact us at or visit our website.




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