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We've made parking smarter at Eiffel Square Office Building

Parking at the office building with Parkl Office

In our previous article, we introduced how we replaced the Excel sheets with smart parking in the HillSide office building, where we have created "new parking spaces" by launching our parking spot reservation system.

However, Parkl Office's system solves not only the capacity- problems, but also coordination difficulties in buildings with several tenant companies, which will be illustrated in the following case study.

We were given the task by the owner of the modern Eiffel Square Office Building, located in the heart of Budapest, with almost 24,000 m2, to find a solution to the " mess " in the parking lot.

How did this mess appear and what was the cause? There are several possible answers, but the main problem was the lack of a comprehensive and transparent system.

Let's have order and security

Eiffel Square Office Building now has 15 tenant companies, most of them with multinational backgrounds, operating in the financial, IT, technology, and private healthcare services sectors. The underground garage has a total of 350 parking spaces on 3 levels, which are not open to the public and are only available to tenants but is still used daily by more than 500 employees and visitors, most of whom come to the private clinic in the building as guests. For them, it was particularly important to be able to manage customers arriving by car in a professional and organized way, to avoid lack of parking places and to provide a transparent platform for administrators to manage parking. One of the main features of Parkl Office is the guest booking system, which allows you to do exactly this by providing both company administrators and arriving guests accurate information about the time of entry and exit, as well as the position.

The underground garages of office buildings are different from traditional parking lots, asthey have a much higher security priority, ensuring that no unauthorized persons can enter the office building. Transparent management of guest parking is essential for the operation of the office building, to guarantee that only authorized visitors have access to the garage, depending on the availability of parking spaces.

Forget the parking card

The fact that the Parkl Office system does not require the usual RFID plastic card is clearly a more convenient solution for operators and employees too. We don’t even need our mobile phones, as the license plate recognition camera automatically opens the barrier when we are authorised to enter the parking lot. This eliminates the risk of leaving the card at home or losing it, which can save a lot of frustration.

Another problem for the operators was that one parking space was used by several employees in rotation, which meant that more plastic cards had to be issued than the number of spaces rented by the company. This eventually led to confusion and to more employees entering the parking lot than the number of spaces available, taking up positions belonging to other companies. Parkl Office provides a solution especially to this with the help of digitalization.

The booking system developed for employees allows several colleagues to use the same parking space, without all the spaces being full. Colleagues can monitor available parking spaces in real-time and reserve them for a specific time interval. So, they will always find an empty parking space belonging to their company when they need to, but only then, because if they don't have a parking space, the system won't let them book.

Which tools help the system to work effectively?

A key element of the Parkl Office is the license plate recognition camera, which is essential for the identification and automatic, contactless entry. To inform drivers, we use Parkl Screen, which shows the level and position assigned to the visitor when arriving. Another necessary part of the system is the Parkl mobile app, which helps employees manage their reservations and even open the barrier with their phone in case of a muddy or dirty number plate. The company's dedicated administrator is able to manage and modify permissions and reservations and invite guests through an administrative web platform.

Thank you to the operators and tenant companies of the Eiffel Square Office Building for supporting the development and spread of smart parking systems by implementing and using our Parkl Office service.

If you think that there is a need for everyone to have a parking space at your company or office building, write to or visit our website.




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