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You can charge your electric car now with the PARKL app at all three IKEA locations

The number of electric charging points at the stores has also increased

IKEA has always been at the forefront of sustainability and the environment, and with the ever increasing use of electric cars, they have decided to expand and upgrade the number of charging points in their stores.

Those who have charged at an IKEA store in recent years have experienced the constant occupation of the chargers and cars left there overnight. The chargers at the stores are primarily intended to allow visitors with electric cars to charge their cars while shopping, but due to the issues above, they often weren't able to do so.

There were also operational issues: previously, the three stores had different types and brands of chargers, each with their own systems, which made it difficult to operate the chargers transparently.

Due to the challenges mentioned above, it was obvious for IKEA's management: to make charging at its stores more manageable by bringing in an electromobility service provider.

We are very proud to have been chosen by IKEA's team to assist them with the digitisation of the chargers for their three locations, as well as the purchase and installation of new equipment.

As a result, today Parkl provides not only the officially licensed operation but also the electromobility service for all three stores. Now the charging process can be started, monitored and stopped in a convenient and transparent convenient and transparent way at all locations using the user friendly Parkl app.

In total, we now have 46 charging points to charge electric cars

at the three IKEA stores:

- IKEA Örs vezér square: 14 x 22 kW AC charging points

- IKEA Budaörs: 14 x 22 kW AC charging points

- IKEA Soroksár: 18 x 22 kW AC charging points

The charging points operate free of charge during the test period and from 15th December 2021, customers will be able to charge their electric cars at a price of HUF 80/kWh.

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